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ISU arts 2010-2011

March 30, 2010

Welcome back! Proudly presenting the secondary arts at the International School of Ulaanbaatar for the years of 2010-2011! At ISU all student take visual art from grade 1-10. At this point students may choose it for one of their HL or SL diploma courses. This site is a resource for students as well as virtual gallery of student work and process. Feel free to browse each classes specific pages on the right. Enjoy!

(Namuun) Unit 4 Gr 10- illustration

Unit 4 Grade 9- abstractions (pulee)

(Namuun M) Grade 7 unit 3- Cultures and masks

(Turtle) Gr 9 Unit 3- ice sculpture

(Hannah & Kalli) Gr 8 unit 2- claymation

(Min Woo) Gr 7 unit 2- traditional me

(Sara) Gr 6 unit 2- monsters & creatures

(Jill) Gr 10 unit 2-Figure drawing

(Tsogt, Namuun E & Namuun M) Gr 7 Unit 1- Social Grafitti

(Amina) Gr 8 Unit 1- color & value study)

(Udee) Gr 10 unit 1- mixed media self portraits

(Aha-young) Gr 9 unit 1- printmaking part2

Gr 6 (Mitka) unit 1- personal shields

(Junwoo) Unit 1 Gr 9- printmaking

Suugii Gr 11- autobiography